If you're here, I'm

Slugbox, and I'm begging you

to let me vend at Otakon.

Please. Oh God.

Photographic Proof That I'm an Experienced Successful Vendor


Obviously you want to know what conventions I've worked.

Otakons, Katsucons, Metrocons, Sakuracons, Magfests, Anime Expos and about a dozen "comic cons" in various cities. Neat!


And you want to know what I'm selling.

Prints are nice, but merch is more fun! But Charms, pencil cases, body pillows, buttons, pins, shirts, bags, leggings, plush things. Even commissions if time allows!


And 70% of my stuff is ORIGINAL CONTENT

Which is always good! I like fanart but I'm thankful that I can bring my own content and characters and rely on them!

Legitimate Reviews


Guy Who Came To My Table Every Four Hours Each Day of the Con says...

"Some friends and me are having a party after the convention and you guys should totally come! If you say no, I'll be back in four hours!"


The 17th Deadpool Cosplayer Today That Had to Take Off Half of Their Cosplay To Get To Their Wallet says...

"Hold on sorry I can't

see anything in this."


My Mother says...

"You have a business degree why are you drawing anime girls. I wish you'd get a real job. I'll email you some job openings later."